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Updated 1-13-2008

Statewide Nevada Communications Workers Union endorses Edwards

Undecideds will probably break for Edwards on Iowa caucus night

Huckabee favored on GOP ticket

RENO (Nov. 18, 2007) — Presidential candidate John Edwards autographs a sign for United Auto Workers Union Local 2142/AFL-CIO retiree and boxing aficionado George Nelson after the former North Carolina senator addressed a large crowd at Hug High School. In the background wearing an "I'm a health care voter" patch stands UAW member and Reno-Sparks NAACP 2nd Vice-President Larry Wilson. (Rudy Viola/UAW 2142 photo)

From Arthur Wellesley Wellington at the GOP's Waterloo
Exclusive to BallotBoxing.US

WATERLOO, IOWA (Dec. 16, 2007, 7:24 a.m. PST) As far as I can tell, the Des Moines Register is the only newspaper in the state to endorse a candidate. And that endorsement seems to fly in the face of what the rest of the state is doing. (EDITOR'S NOTE: The Register just endorsed Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain for their respective party nominations.)

Remember this is a northern state that, except for metropolitan Des Moines, could easily be located in the southern "bible belt." It is unbelievable how many individuals and organizations reject evolution. Scopes would be very busy here. Which means that "Oh, Shucks" Huckabee is scoring big among the ultra-right and my guess will carry the state Republican nomination unless some issue from his days as Arkansas governor comes to light.

On the Democratic side, Oprah has had a big impact among under-40 age groups working for Obama. While Obama is personable and probably as honest as one can expect a politician to be, I hear nothing from him as far as specifics go. Among my niece's under-25 crowd, though, he's "hot."

Las Vegas Sun 12-19-2007

Clinton 33%
Obama 29%
Edwards 20%
Richardson 8%

"Two-thirds of Edwards' supporters have attended previous caucuses, while more than half of Clinton's and Obama's have not, making Edwards less reliant on first-time attendees."

Edwards seems to be holding steady and will probably be the choice for the uncommitted on caucus night.

As for the caucus, it gets mighty cold in Iowa on January 3d at 7:00 p.m. My wife, as precinct captain, has yet to get a single Democratic voter (and she has contacted over 100), to commit to attending, as most of the folks are in their 60's+ with a whole bunch in their 80's and 90's. They won't even commit to attending if someone gives them a ride to and from.

As for Obama, I suspect that the support for him will wither on caucus night as it's a lot more fun to party at one of the local watering holes for the younger voters rather than attend some stodgy caucus which no one other than the "in" crowd understands. Now, if Iowa had balloting like California, New Jersey and a host of other states, the primary would be better attended.

You know, when my wife and I did the Nevada caucus in 2004 I thought then it was a methodology whose time had passed, given how metropolitan Las Vegas and Reno had become. And in all honesty I found it to be as well organized as herding cats.

Well, so much for my take. I'll try to give you an update after caucus on Jan. 3d as to my impressions.  Regardless of who gets the Democratic nomination, my wife and I intend to support them. Republicanism run amuck has to cease and this country can't take at least four more years of someone who speaks to God.

Oh, yeah, lots of dissatisfaction among Democrats here (my acquaintances and those I hear speak at the forums put on by the candidates) with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) would be a better choice to replace Harry. He just has not been coherent since his (2005) stroke. And of course, concerning the issues.

Lots of good ideas, lots of goodies for everyone's Xmas stocking. But, how to pay for them all. Iraq is a biggie but until the Iraqis can provide their own security, I see this country staying there for another 15-20 years. After all, there are still 4 billion barrels of oil there. And, raising taxes is unpopular. And, the Chinese and Saudis are reducing their financial commitments to us and moving their dollars to euros.

On, and on, and on!!! WOW!!! What a mess for the next president. Where to start??

Merry Xmas,

Arthur Wellesley Wellington

Former Reno resident Arthur Wellesley Wellington is now an Iowan residing at Ground Zero in Waterloo.

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